Tai Chi and Qi Gong

tai-chi-bannerPractice the ancient Chinese art that promotes health and wellness with certified instructor and Bethlehem librarian Cathy Brenner. All ages and abilities welcome.

Qi Gong

Tuesday, May 4 • 7 p.m.

Virtual Evening Qi Gong

Pandemic Health and Wellness Series. Explore gentle postures that incorporate movement, visualization and breathing in this class is taught by librarian Cathy Brenner, who is a certified tai chi instructor. All ages welcome. Sign up here.

Tai Chi for Health

Check back for upcoming Tai Chi classes.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that is often called a moving meditation. In this class we will be learning the Tai Chi for Energy form created by Dr. Paul Lam of the Tai Chi for Health Institute (www.tchi.org). All ages and abilities are welcomed. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes.

Class Etiquette

Tai Chi is progressive and builds from week to week so consistent attendance is encouraged.
Everyone should move at their own pace and take breaks as needed.
Bring water or snacks if desired.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
If you come late or need to leave early just discreetly join the class or leave when you need to.
Please ask questions and feel free to move around the room to change your view.
We consistently welcome new participants so classes will move slowly and review concepts regularly.

Tai Chi for Energy

1. Commencing form

2. Golden guard stamping ground – right

3. Open and close

4. Single whip – left

5. Wave hands – left

6. Open and close.

7. Punch with Covered Fist – right

8. Open and close

9. Punch with Covered Fist – left

10. Open and close

11. Single whip – right

12. Wave hands – right

13. Open and close

14. Golden guard stamping ground – left

15. Open and close

16. Closing form


Tai Chi for Diabetes

The basic movements:
1. Commencement movement.
2. Opening and closing hands
3. Waving hands in the cloud x 3 left
4. Opening and closing hands
5. Fair lady working at the Shuttle
6. Opening and closing hands
7. Toes kicks left and right
8. Opening and closing
9. Waving hands in the cloud
10. Opening and closing hands
11. Closing movement

The advanced movements:
1. Waving hands in the cloud x3
2. Opening and closing hands
3. Stroking bird’s tail left
4. Opening and closing hands
5. Stroking bird’s tail right
6. Opening and closing hands
7. Waving hands in the cloud x3
8. Opening and closing hands
9. Closing movement

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