“Wolfie the Bunny”

There are many different types of families. Sometimes the family that chooses you, or vice versa, is the best! So, what’s the worst that can happen if the Bunny family adopts a wolf pup they find on their stoop? Will he grow up to be big and strong, then eat them all up?! Wolfie the Bunny is a furry tale of interspecies adoption, sibling rivalry, bravery, and love … lots of love! 


WATCH and LISTEN: Grab a carrot to nibble on, and relax, as author Ame Dyckman reads her book Wolfie the Bunny for KidLit.tv. Illustrator Zachariah OHora makes a special appearance as the loveable furball, Wolfie:


ACTION RHYME: “Hop With Me” (tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Hop, hop, hop along
Or bounce on someone’s knee
Higher and higher and higher and higher
Bunny-hop with me!

Repeat at least 3 times.


FINGERPLAY: “Five Little Bunnies”
(count down on your fingers)

One little bunny,
Wondering what to do,
Another bunny came along,
Then there were two.

Two little bunnies,
Hopping like me,
Another bunny came along,
Then there were three.

Three little bunnies,
Jumping around outdoors,
Another bunny joined them
Then there were four.

Four little bunnies,
So fluffy and alive,
Another bunny joined them,
Then there were five.

Five little bunnies,
Ready for some fun,
Hopped away in the warm, spring sun.


DRAW: Get a drawing lesson from the illustrator of Wolfie the Bunny, Zachariah OHora for KidLit.tv


TEST YOUR MEMORY with this Memory Match game from Reading is Fundamental


TALK about emotions:

  • How did Dot feel when her parents found the baby (Wolfie)?
  • How did Dot feel when Wolfie drooled on her?
  • How did Dot feel when the bear got Wolfie?
  • Why didn’t Dot run away from the bear?
  • How did Dot feel when Wolfie hugged her?


MAKE BUNNY PUPPETS and a bear puppet using paper lunch bags or even paper plates. Can you re-enact the story using the puppets?


TALKING/WRITING PROMPT: What do you love most about your family?



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