“The Breaking News”

In this timely story, a young girl tries her hardest to respond to devastating news as compassionately and empathetically as possible. After reading The Breaking News, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning.

1. WATCH and LISTEN to Sarah Lynne Reul read her book The Breaking News


2. Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning:

  • LOOK for the helpers.

    Who are the helpers in your community? How can you help, at home or in your community? Share your ideas using this printable activity sheet from Sarah Lynne Reul. No printer? Make your own! Add in leaves and flowers, adding your ideas to each petal or leaf, then decorate!

  • DESIGN a medical mask.

    Use the printable template from author-illustrator Jarrett Lerner, or draw and illustrate your own!

  • SHARE what’s making you happy!

    What are you thankful for today? What colors, scents, sounds, and flavors make you happy? Draw a picture of something that you’re thankful to have or do while staying safe at home. For a challenge, try using only colors that make you happy!

  • CREATE your own newscast, broadcasting happy news!

    Using on-hand materials, like cardboard boxes, furniture, and recyclables, create a news set. Create a script or cue cards, drawing inspiration from pets, favorite stories and television shows, chats with family, etc. Dress up in your best and present your happy news!


[Source: Alpena County Public Library]

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