“Don’t Push the Button”


WATCH and LISTEN to Bill Cotter read his book Don’t Push the Button for B&N Storytime:



Get out those crayons and some paper and draw along with Bill Cotter during the last half of the video!


Here’s a link to a PDF with stick puppet templates that can also be used as coloring sheets!


Make your own button(s)! Make your own special button – either draw it on paper or make it using a big bottle cap or jar lid. What color will it be? What will it do if it is pushed?


Parents, you could make your own button and have the children push it and then you tell them what to do – kind of like Simon Says. “The button makes you jump up and down!” “The button turns on a snowstorm!” – then everyone acts out what would happen if the room was full of snow!



The Button Book by Sally Nicholls, illustrated by Bethan Woollvin is a fun new interactive picture book that can be found on Overdrive.

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