Solicitation and distribution policy

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Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees November 13, 2000

Policy revised by the Board of Trustees February 13, 2012

Policy revised by the Board of Trustees May 11, 2015

Solicitation of the public or staff is not permitted inside the library building. This restriction does not apply to dissemination of material at a duly approved meeting consistent with the library’s meeting room policy. By law, the grounds outside the library are considered a limited public forum, and as such, are governed by the First Amendment.

General rules and guidelines

  • Use of the library grounds is limited to noncommercial activities. Items, products or services may not be offered for sale at any time.
  • During library scheduled events, the Green area and the stage may not be available for the public.
  • Individuals or groups may not impede anyone’s access to the library through physical or implied restraint, nor may their activities interfere in any way with another person’s use of library services.
  • Space is available for passive distribution of information on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • A small portable table or mobile literature rack can be used, so long as it does not physically block access to the library or is left unattended.
  • Leaving pamphlets and leaflets on vehicles in the parking lot is not allowed.

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