Exam proctoring policy

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Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 9, 2015

In support of its mission to provide services that encourage lifelong learning and professional growth, Bethlehem Public Library will proctor exams for patrons upon request and availability of personnel, facilities, and technology.


Exams are administered by appointment only, and applications for proctoring must be submitted at least one week in advance. The library does not guarantee to the test-taker or examining institution a requested proctor.

Exams shall be taken during regular library hours. The exam must be scheduled to be completed no later than one hour before closing.

Fees and costs

  • There is no fee for this service for Bethlehem Central School District residents; however, the library will not incur any costs for administering or returning exams.
  • Proctoring for non-Bethlehem Central School District residents is available for $25 per exam session, plus all applicable costs. Payment is due on the day of the scheduled exam before it can be administered.
  • An exam session constitutes no more than 3 hours per day.
  • Exam fees are not refundable.


  • The library agrees to provide a reasonably quiet space for the test-taker to take the exam, but the test-taker and the examining institution should be mindful that the library is a public building and cannot guarantee complete quiet or privacy.
  • The library cannot provide continuous supervision, but will check on the test-taker intermittently. The exam will be taken on the honor system.
  • The library has the right to substitute a proctor in the event that the assigned proctor is unavailable.
  • The test-taker may be returning the exam to a librarian other than the one who issued the exam. The test-taker will be informed of this prior to beginning the exam.
  • A test-taker who is a “no call or no show” may not be permitted to use the library as a proctor again.
  • The library shall provide the test-taker and/or examining institution with the necessary contact information for delivery of the exam through mail, email, and/or fax.
  • Library staff proctoring the exam will not sign an institution’s proctor verification form attesting to more than the staff is able to do under guidelines set forth by the library’s policy.
  • The library will return completed tests as directed by the examining institution.
  • The library shall hold uncompleted exams for two weeks or until the examining institution’s deadline, whichever comes first. The exam shall be returned to the institution or destroyed.  The library will not retain copies of any completed exams.
  • The library shall not be responsible for any exam once it leaves the library’s possession.
  • The library shall not be responsible for exams that are interrupted or delayed by library emergencies, power failure, inclement weather, and/or computer hardware or software failures.

Responsibilities of the exam taker

  • To submit the library’s proctoring application and agree to Bethlehem Public Library’s exam proctoring policy.
  • Verify that the examining institution’s proctoring guidelines meet all of the requirements set forth in the library’s policy.
  • To coordinate the transfer of the exam from the examining institution to the library and to verify that the exam has been received by the library.
  • To obtain any exam guidelines, instructions, and any pre-exam requirements from the examining institution.
  • To arrive promptly at the agreed-upon time, prepared to take the exam. If the test-taker is late, we cannot guarantee a proctor will be available.
  • To contact the library at least one hour prior to the scheduled exam time if unable to make the appointment. A test-taker who is a “no call or no show” may not be permitted to use the library as a proctor again.
  • To come prepared with necessary supplies to take the exam. Personal items shall be kept to a minimum.
  • Provide a valid driver’s license or photo ID for verification, as well as any other credentials required by the examining institution. It is the responsibility of the test-taker to know what is required by the examining institution.
  • To take the test on the honor system. The proctor will not be sitting alongside the test-taker during the exam.
  • Exams may be taken on the test-taker’s personal laptop, provided it is approved by the examining institution. The test-taker will then be responsible for any software that is needed.
  • Provide any necessary postage and envelopes if not provided by the examining institution.

Responsibilities of the Examining Institution

  • Be aware of and agree to the guidelines set forth in the library’s exam proctoring policy.
  • Prior contact between the testing institution and the proctor is required so that credibility and testing requirements can be verified.
  • Responsible for informing the test-taker on any exam guidelines, instructions, and any pre-exam requirements.

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